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Feature article April 30, 2018:


Datametrex AI's blockchain, machine learning, big-data, & crypto mining divisions poised for spectacular growth



Datametrex AI Limited



Share data, Capitalization, & Corporate info


 Shares Outstanding:  ~200 million

 Fully Diluted:  ~265M

 Recently Traded: ~CDN$0.15/share (TSX-V: DM)

 52 Week High/Low: $0.47/ 0.05

 Current Market Capitalization: ~$30 million Canadian

 Corporate Website:


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Fig. 1 (above) Datametrex opens TSX Venture exchange mid-2017, in September-2017 the Company officially changed its name to Datametrex AI Limited and began a strategy of attracting some of the most unique cutting-edge technology businesses poised for break-out and individuals at the fore of their fields.


"DM.V has been a relatively low profile transaction until now but that is about to change as the reality of what the Company now possesses is better understood in the marketplace ... Datametrex is a data blockchain/business intelligence stock with superior characteristics, plus it is set to be supercharged with a cryptocurrency mining kicker backed by Gosun. There is nothing in the marketplace with this offering mix, the stock is poised for serious upside revaluation."

- Quote source: F. William, Market Equities Research Group 02/22/18


Datametrex appears set to outperform the data blockchain and business intelligence sectors; it has growing revenues in AI/Machine Learning with Federal Government contracts, has contracts for blockchain prototypes including a partnership with IBM to build a blockchain prototype for a Korean utility, plus its cyrptocurrency mining division (which Datametrex just announced it plans to spin-out as a standalone public listing) has access to 140Mw of power (capable of powering up to 70,000 rig servers) with Gosun.


Valuation Commentary: Datametrex AI Limited (TSX-V: DM) (FKT:D4G) (OTC: DTMXF) is a Canadian-based technology focused company with exposure to four exciting verticals;


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning through its wholly owned subsidiary, Nexalogy (


Implementing Blockchain technology for secure Data Transfers through its joint venture company, Graph Blockchain (


Industrial scale Cryptocurrency Mining through its wholly owned subsidiary, Ronin Blockchain Corp (


Big Data, collecting data from retail point of sale environments (


Each division is early in its lifecycle, and ripe with potential for scale. Datametrex's share price is poised for significant upside revaluation as its current market cap (~C$30 million, DM.V trading at ~C$0.15) appears disproportionate relative to the sum of each divisions potential. Datametrex AI Limited was launched in the later-half of 2017 with the intent of DM.V being a vehicle for attracting some of the most unique cutting-edge technology businesses poised for break-out and individuals at the fore of their fields. The result is a targeted yet diversified approach that offers shareholders exposure to the hottest up-and-coming sectors of the new economy.


Datametrex's objective is to facilitate each division, so they are in a position to execute and hit milestones, by providing them the tools in their toolbox to build out the businesses, whether that be capital or introduction to new clients. Spearheading Datametrex's management team is Chairman & CEO Andrew Ryu, COO & President Jeff Stevens, and Chief Strategy Officer Michael Frank, all are highly experienced in the capital markets, and have several decades of success under their belt in the public markets (see CV's of key people at the bottom of this article). This management team is known for recognizing opportunity, moving quickly, their ability to raise capital, and structure deals.


The following is a synopsis of each division, in the order they were acquired/incepted, and why valuation is apt to rise.


1) Nexalogy Environics Inc. - Artificial intelligence and machine learning (a 100%/wholly-owned subsidiary of Datametrex): Nexalogy is emerging as a leader in the Business Intelligence marketplace with a strong focus in social data analysis. Nexalogy's technology is unlike anything that exists and is attracting increasing high-level federal government attention/contracts, this division has growing revenues. Nexalogy has NDAs that prevent disclosure of client specifics, however we do know Datametrex currently has 3 Federal Government agency contracts, and has stated it is targeting/involved with government agencies in security, health & safety, and public-Canada. Nexalogy has software and systems with the ability to scour the vast web of social media and detect weak signals/anomalies behind the noise, identify unknowns, and generate customized actionable intel for clients. Nexalogy is on target for ~C$2.5M+ in revenues for 2018 (up from ~$1.5M in 2017), and within a few years it is conceivable to see an increase to >$40M revenues. It is highly unlikely governments will spend less on counter-terrorism and the like, they are prone to increase appropriations, plus other governments are apt to adopt this technology. Important to note is that with AI/machine learning the increasingly clean data sets that Nexalogy generates through years of refinement (application specific teaching) position the product as the the go-to choice for anyone wanting actionable results. Nexalogy Environics Inc. currently employs ~13 people based out of Montreal, including best-of-breed stack developers and machine learning developers. Additionally, Nexalogy recently announced a new AI business intelligence product that focuses on delivering competitive analysis and stock market awareness for Fortune 1000 publicly traded companies. Nexalogy is a proven entity in the business intelligence market having already provided premium services for major names such as Ford, PWC, Petro-Canada, and YellowPages.


On March 27, 2018 Datametrex AI Limited announced it was negotiating with Hyundai (see related release "Datametrex AI Negotiating with Hyundai") -- the Company is in the final stages of negotiations with its partner, ABC Solutions, to implement an AI and blockchain solution for the real estate development and infrastructure division for Hyundai Corporation, the second largest conglomerate in South Korea. This opportunity is across Hyundai’s vast worldwide real estate holdings. The Nexalogy AI product, Nexa Intelligence, will be used to analyze the large amount of data gathered across various real estate sites, with a focus on security and Smart City initiatives. The utility and billing information will be collected in a private blockchain platform developed by our subsidiary, Graph Blockchain, giving it greater authentication and verification.


Fig. 2 (below) Conversation Sculpting and Clustering Algorithms - Seen is a representation of Nexalogy analytics engine able to peel like an onion, ranking engagement, participants in clusters, patterns, obfuscation, and content.


Nexalogy was started by astrophysicist, Claude Théoret, renowned for discovering that the best way to study black holes is to examine how stars interact with each other. He created algorithms to map relationships between the stars and gain a fresh understanding of the universe. In 2006, Claude began to apply the same algorithms to analyze connections between words and the people who write them throughout the social Web and advance Nexalogy to the point it is unparalleled. Claude recognized the best way to advance Nexalogy to where it can reach its potential was by taking it public with people experienced in public markets and with the right vehicle; he chose newly formed Datamatrex in late 2017 as the perfect fit -- Nexalogy was Datametrex's priority/first acquisition. Claude is now a ~9% owner of DM.V and still leads the Nexalogy division.  Since Datametex's acquisition of Nexalogy, management has refocused the division's resources toward higher-margin big-government and IR business intelligence products, and away from Nexalogy's old 'freemium' (try first - then upgrade) model. The social media analytics market is forecast to grow to US$5.4 Billion by 2020. This rapid growth is due to the transition from traditional business intelligence techniques to advanced analytics as well as the surge in the number of social media users and data. Clearly the sum of the parts of Datametrex is greater than the whole, it is not unreasonable for investors to attribute a ~C$40+ million valuation now (on to much higher from there) for the Nexalogy division alone, based on where this is headed.


On February 27, 2018 Datametrex AI Limited provided an update on its Nexalogy division, the following is an excerpt:


Nexalogy is working on a number of substantial government contracts in the public policy research and social data monitoring areas. The government vertical is growing substantially and Nexalogy anticipates significant growth over the next few years. Nexalogy’s repository of data collected, over half a billion tweets a year and access to other data sources such as 85 million blogs and 8.8 million Facebook pages, gives the company a unique advantage when analyzing profiles and other unstructured data. Nexalogy is continuing to accumulate rich data sets that will position itself most effectively with brands and government agencies. Nexalogy is growing their presence in Asia and Europe along with a diversification of their revenue stream with ad buy offerings targeted at small cap public companies.

Nexalogy’s patented solutions provide valuable insight and analysis from a variety of data sources, giving governments and corporations a unique tool to analyze information and make informed decisions in the following areas; policy making, stakeholder analysis, social risk assessment, social license to operate, marketing, and overall operations. Nexalogy’s proprietary algorithms, when merged with traditional business intelligence, provide an innovative platform leveraging machine learning, social data intelligence and social Internet of Things (“IOT”) technology to redefine data analysis. here for full copy from source


On April 19, 2018 Datametrex AI Limited announced the appointment of new CTO for Nexalog, the following is an excerpt:


TORONTO, April 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Datametrex AI Limited (the “Company” or “Datametrex”) (TSXV:DM) (FSE:D4G) is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary, Nexalogy AI (“Nexalogy”) has appointed Marshall Gunter, as the new Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Mr. Marshall has lead engineering teams both large and small to drive and build great ideas into successful products. His engineering background is rooted in big data analysis and machine learning at scale. He has architected systems for both breadth and depth of data ingestion and throughput, processing billions of data points a day across hundreds of terabytes of footprint.

Working with Sequoia Capital and Lightspeed Venture Partners, Marshall was responsible for bringing Varagesale to the mass market. Marshall took Varagesale from a one room shop to a powerhouse engineering department of 60 plus people and played a leading role in their $35-million-dollar raise.

At iSentium, working with a team linguists and machine learning experts, Marshall lead the team that built iSentium’s sentiment engine. iSentium uses patented Natural Language Processing (NLP) to extract sentiment from unstructured social content then instantly transforms it into highly actionable indicators in finance, brand management and politics, handling billions of data points to harness the power of the masses as they tweet and text.

“I am thrilled to be joining the Nexalogy team and look forward to adding my skill and experience to Nexalogy's forward thinking AI solutions. The road ahead is exciting and full of opportunity.” said Marshall Gunter, CTO of Nexalogy.

“This marks a key milestone in Nexalogy’s growth. Marshall has the perfect combination of NLP, machine learning and management skills to lead Nexalogy’s technological and artificial intelligence development. In my opinion, he is one of the most experienced technology CTO’s in Canada and his leadership will add tremendous value to our team.” said Claude Théoret, President of Nexalogy. here for full copy from source


Other recent Nexalogy related news:

• March 27, 2018 "Datametrex AI Negotiating with Hyundai".


• March 22, 2018 "Datametrex AI Provides Update on Negotiations With Lotte".


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2) Graph Blockchain Limited (Planned spin-out): Graph specializes in implementing custom blockchain technology for secure data transfers for corporations and government agencies. Graph is a spinout that Datametrex is planning for 2018 that is expected to see shareholders of DM.V receive 1 share of Graph Blockchain Limited for every 20 they hold of DM.V (a prospectus has been filed on SEDAR --the record date not been set yet, look for guidance on this soon). Datametrex corporately will also retain a ~20% interest in the new publicly traded entity, the whisper number on Bay Street is that Graph Blockchain Limited will IPO at ~C$35 Million market cap (which would give DM.V's 20% retained interest an intrinsic value of C$8M). Graph has already been sufficiently financed with a recent seeding of $3.5M (proceeds to be used to build its Graph Blockchain solutions), and thus it is likely only a very nominal financing will accompany the IPO for the main purpose of establishing price only. Graph is a 50-50 joint venture (JV) Datametrex started with San Francisco-based Bitnine which has vended-in its cutting-edge Graph Database technology.


Graph's technology processes blockchain data up to 1,000 times faster than traditional methods and is 10,000 times faster at presenting data from the blockchain to the dashboard (see overview of the DataGraph technology solution further down in this article).


Currently Graph has three contracts (this number is expected to keep climbing near-term), two contracts are from IBM acting as a sales partner; impressive considering Graph Blockchain Limited appears increasingly a 'go-to' blockchain solution provider for IBM:


1) Graph Blockchain is contracted to develop a blockchain solution prototype in partnership with IBM for a Korean conglomerate's utility for US$400K. This ~US$400,000 contract for the prototype, if successful (and there is no indication it will not be successful), we anticipate will turn into a full-scale multi-million dollar project for Graph.


2) On March 19, 2018 Datametrex announced Graph Blockchain Limited has been contracted to develop a large scale Graph Database and Blockchain solution prototype in partnership with IBM for KB Life Insurance Co, Ltd. (“KB”). The solution will be designed for KB’s insurance claims department. The value of the initial prototype is approximately $350,000 CAD. Excerpt from the March 19, 2018 press release: "The project will use all of Graph’s unique intellectual property which provides a compelling way of organizing, analyzing and displaying Blockchain transactional data in real time. The Graph database technology being developed processes Blockchain data up to 1,000 times faster than traditional methods from seven transactions per second (“TPS”) to 7,000 TPS. Additionally, information can be displayed much faster and more effectively. It is believed to be one of the most effective technologies to store, manage and present Blockchain transactions specifically in peer-to-peer networks, and has shown unique advantages for this prototype solution."


3) Graph is also under contract with a medical marijuana client to facilitate a blockchain solution for clinical trails (aside: this client project is an example of Datametrex cross-selling business divisions to close a deal, as the same client also signed a contract with Nexalogy to find people discussing/complaining of ailments online, then target them with client ads which lead to filter surveys qualifying them as prospective patients for clinical trial, and the results are stored on the Graph Blockchain -- saving millions of dollars and time for the client).


The global blockchain market is a megatrend and only just beginning. Expect Graph Blockchain Limited to announce additional contracts as 2018 progresses as the level of discussion for its solutions runs high. Considering that there are companies in this space going public on just a white paper and a promise to build a prototype and they get a $40M valuation, it is safe to say the aforementioned ~$35M IPO market cap whisper number for Graph reflects a desire by Datametex (and Bitnine) to give new shareholders room to experience appreciation from the get-go.


The following categorized list of blockchain projects have been defined as "in the pipeline" by Datametrex, either in some level of discussion (potential/targeted) or actual development:


A) Real-time Transactions

Public Infrastructure – building a bespoke secure payment gate solution for electric vehicle charging stations.
Fintech Industry – to provide Blockchain solutions for efficient processing of real-time transactions.

B) Asset Smart Contracts

Real Estate – to provide a Blockchain solution for financial transactions and smart contracts.
Vehicle and Equipment Sales – Vehicle history, smart contracts and financial transactions.
Logistics – to provide trusted shipping solutions.

C) Document and Certificate Authentication

Medical Industry - solutions to provide secure and managed transactions among highly connected entities.
Education Sector – solutions to verify degree, diploma, and transcript authentication.
Document Management – to provide document integrity and confidentiality management.


On February 28, 2018 Datametrex AI Limited provided an update on its Graph Blockchain division, the following is an excerpt:


TORONTO, Feb. 28, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Datametrex AI Limited (the “Company” or “Datametrex”) (TSXV:DM) (FSE:D4G) is pleased to announce that it has, through its Graph Blockchain (“Graph”) subsidiary, drawn strong interest from several banking and insurance companies. It is currently presenting with IBM, its partner, to a number of financial and insurance institutions for blockchain projects. Recently, Graph entered into a definitive agreement to develop a large-scale Graph Database and Blockchain solution prototype in partnership with IBM for an electric power and utility project. The solution will assist in analyzing charging stations. The value of the initial prototype is approximately $400,000.

The project will use all of Graph’s unique IP which provides a compelling way of organizing, analyzing and displaying Blockchain transactional data in real time. The Graph database technology being developed processes Blockchain data up to 1,000 times faster than traditional methods from 7 transactions per second (TPS) to 7,000 TPS. Additionally, information can be presented much faster and more effectively. It is believed to be one of the most effective technologies to store, manage and present Blockchain transactions specifically in peer-to-peer networks, and has shown unique advantages for mission critical applications.

"We have deep domain expertise in Graph databases and their inherent value in analyzing and presenting data more effectively than traditional table-based structures. Bringing this technology to help build out this large project with IBM is opening up a lot of opportunities. Graph Blockchain can increase the transaction performance and data presentation layer considerably," said Andrew Ryu, Chairman and CEO of Graph Blockchain. ... here for full copy from source


Other recent Graph related news releases:

• March 28, 2018 "Datametrex’s Joint Venture Graph Blockchain Announces Application of 4 Patents With Patent and Trademark Offices".


• March 26, 2018 "Datametrex Announces New Board Member for Graph Blockchain".


• March 21, 2018 "Datametrex Announces Appointment of President and Chief Operating Officer for Graph Blockchain Limited".


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3) Ronin Blockchain Corp. - Industrial scale cryptocurrency mining targeting 140Mw, 70,000 rigs (a 100%/wholly-owned subsidiary of Datametrex -- with plans to spinout): Ronin’s business model is based on a centralised AI powered mining platform to operate a geo-diversified footprint of industrial scale blockchain mining operations. This April 18, 2018 the Company announced initial mining activity it has commenced in two geographies, having activated a portion of Ronin’s available 150MW of capacity with Gosun Group (“GoSun”) in Asia, and mining facilities in the province of Quebec, Canada. Ronin has begun mining a combination of alt coins such as Zcash, Zcoin and Monero as well as Ethereum. The China jurisdiction along with the support from our partner GoSun has tremendous advantages and economies of scale. Ronin's footprint is one of the largest in the cryptocurrency mining sector today and should give Ronin key advantages.


Ronin is positioned to become a cryptocurrency mining powerhouse, it benefits from several advantages stemming from its unique relationship with Gosun. Gosun is a public company in China which owns 90+ data centers across China (plus others globally), Gosun's tenants are major entities (e.g. Alibaba, Tencent, China Telecom, etc.) which use tier-1 and tier-2 data centers. One of the founding partners of Ronin was the Chairman and CEO of Gosun, and when Ronin was acquired by Datametrex that interest was converted to becoming an ~8% owner of DM.V. Datametex announced that Ronin has locked-in with Gosun 1) immediate access to Gosun's datacenters and infrastructure to house Ronin's server rigs, 2) power agreements for pass-through pricing, and 3) the ability to piggy-back on procurement. Datametrex via Ronin this February-2018 signed an agreement with Gosun giving it access to 100Mw of power immediately. Without the need to spend millions on space and infrastructure, Ronin has a contract that will allow A) immediate access to hosting capacity of up to 10Mw and 5000 server rigs, B) ability to increase capacity up to 100Mw and 50,000 server rigs by December 31, 2018, and C) commencing Q2 2019, ability to scale up incrementally with a minimum capacity of 10Mw and 5,000 server rigs per quarter up to a maximum of 140 Mw or 70,000 server rigs by December 31, 2019. Ronin also has a foothold in Quebec through Nexalogy which is from Montréal and has a deal with Hydro Quebec.


Datametrex does not intend on long-term hodling, it will mine coins with instructions sent from Vancouver to the remote rig servers based on whatever its AI algos indicate is moving/poised for movement, once mined the coins will be scraped and traded. From a tax perspective there is unlimited trading between coins without triggering taxable profits, taxes are not triggered until digital coins are monetized/converted to legal tender. Datametrex will also employ the use of cold storage devices (treasures) when practically possible so as to maximize security.


Out of the gate Ronin is focusing on alt coins (e.g. Monero, Ethereum Classic, Zcash, Litecoin, etc.) over ASIC (application specific integrated circuitry which is more for Bitcoin; ASIC uses more energy and is used to solve more complex equations). Down the road, as Ronin builds out systems, it plans to diversify to say 20% ASIC, however to start it will go with the flexibility of GPU. Gosun has some of the largest cryptocurrency companies knocking on their door asking if they have excess capacity, looking to get in, Ronin has first-mover advantage. We calculate that if Ronin were to mine at 100Mw, at current valuation of cryptos, Datametrex would be looking at annualized revenue rate in the order of ~$220 million at ~55% margins.


Datametrex has determined that in light of the capital which Ronin requires to grow and scale its operation, it will be spinning out Ronin in a standalone public listing. This February 26, 2018 Datametrex announce a non-brokered arm’s length private placement of up to approximately $4 million now in Ronin Blockchain Corp. directly (in anticipation of the spinout, thus NOT dilutive to DM.V shareholders), representing a pre-money valuation of approximately $36 million CDN for the Ronin division. DM.V effectively only gives up ~10% of Ronin now and meaningfully advances the division.


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4) Big Data Analytics: Datametrex's original qualifying transaction as a technology Company in 2017 was based on its proprietary DataTap technology which allows merchants to access their business critical data in real-time and from anywhere, without disrupting their transaction processing. Datametrex is a big data company for retail, brands, and other organizations. The company’s DataTap technology captures all data sent from the POS to the receipt printer and scanner, and then sends it to the cloud, so it can be presented for key decision making. The company is planning on integrating the DataTap environment to decentralized blockchains to further authenticate and validate the data collected. 

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Further below is an expanded overview of various key business lines of Datametrix AI Limited.


     Content found herein is not investment advice see Terms of Use, Disclosure & Disclaimer 


Recent news releases regarding Company accomplishments and developments:


• April 19, 2018 "Datametrex Announces Appointment of New CTO for Nexalogy".


• April 18, 2018 "Datametrex Subsidiary Ronin Blockchain Initial Mining Activity".


• April 10, 2018 "Datametrex Subsidiary Ronin Blockchain Commences Mining in Two Geographies".


• March 28, 2018 "Datametrex’s Joint Venture Graph Blockchain Announces Application of 4 Patents With Patent and Trademark Offices".


• March 27, 2018 "Datametrex AI Negotiating with Hyundai".


• March 23, 2018 "Datametrex Announces Appointment of New CEO for Ronin Blockchain".


• March 22, 2018 "Datametrex AI Provides Update on Negotiations With Lotte".


• March 20, 2018 "Datametrex AI Joint Venture Graph Blockchain Files Non-Offering Prospectus".


• March 19, 2018 "Datametrex AI Joint Venture Graph Blockchain Signs Contract With Insurance Company".


• March 15, 2018 "Datametrex Provides Update on Shoptalk".


• March 12, 2018 "Datametrex Subsidiary Ronin Blockchain Receives First Mining Rig Order".


• March 12, 2018 "Datametrex Commences Branding and Awareness Campaign".


• February 28, 2018 "Graph Blockchain Continues Expanding Market Penetration".


• February 27, 2018 "Datametrex AI Limited Provides Nexalogy Update".


• February 26, 2018 "Datametrex AI Limited Announces Proposed Private Placement and Public Listing of Ronin".


• February 20, 2018 "Datametrex Subsidiary Ronin Blockchain Places First Mining Rig Order".


• February 14, 2018 "Datametrex Subsidiary Ronin Blockchain Signs Definitive Agreement With Gosun Holdings for Up to 100MW in 2018".


• February 13, 2018 "Datametrex Subsidiary Nexalogy Starts a New Investor Relations Division For Competitive Intelligence and Targeted Market Awareness".


• February 12, 2018 "Datametrex AI Subsidiary Graph Blockchain Signs Contract for Electric Power and Utility Project".


• February 9, 2018 "Datametrex Provides Update on Shoptalk Acquisition".


• February 6, 2018 "Datametrex Subsidiary Ronin Blockchain Establishes Canadian Crypto Mining Footprint".


• January 17, 2018 "Datametrex and Bitnine Global Announce Closing of Private Placement for Joint Venture Graph Blockchain Limited".


• January 16, 2018 "Datametrex Completes Acquisition of Ronin Blockchain Corp.".


• January 12, 2018 "Datametrex Announces Closing of $3,000,000 Non-Brokered Private Placement".


• January 8, 2018 "Datametrex Announces Binding LOI to Acquire Shoptalk Analytics".


• January 4, 2018 "Datametrex Plans to Spin Out Graph Blockchain Joint Venture".


• December 21, 2017 "Datametrex Graph Blockchain Announces Collaboration Agreement With Revive Therapeutics to Develop a Patient Data Blockchain Platform".


• December 18, 2017 "Datametrex Graph Blockchain Builds a Prototype Blockchain Solution for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations".


• December 15, 2017 "Datametrex Announces Binding LOI to Acquire Ronin Blockchain Corp., a Global Cryptocurrency Mining Company".


• December 1, 2017 "Datametrex AI Signs Agreement with ABC Solutions for Korean Tourism Organization".


• November 27, 2017 "Nexalogy Enters into License and Development Agreement with Revive to Develop AI Component in Blockchain Enabled Patient-Focused Program".


• November 21, 2017 "Datametrex Blockchain Creates Joint Venture With Bitnine".


• November 20, 2017 "Datametrex Announces Completion of its Acquisition of Nexalogy Environics and $5.75 Million Private Placement".



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Expanded insight on Datametrex's divisions


1) Nexalogy Environics Inc.:


Recent Nexalogy related news:


• April 19, 2018 "Datametrex Announces Appointment of New CTO for Nexalogy".


• March 27, 2018 "Datametrex AI Negotiating with Hyundai".


• March 19, 2018 "Datametrex AI Joint Venture Graph Blockchain Signs Contract With Insurance Company".


• February 27, 2018 "Datametrex AI Limited Provides Nexalogy Update".

------ ------ ------      ------ ------ ------      ------- ------- ------


Nexalogy is a social discovery engine that analyzes vast amounts of data with advanced clustering and filtering technology that automatically finds new audiences, trends, risks, voters and removes spam.


Understanding why this technology's time has come and the problems it solves:


A) Social data is still exploding; The amount of social data produced is nearly growing by a factor of 1.5 every year, x10 in five years. - Source: KPCB Report

B) Data Savvy Employee Shortage; McKinsey Global Institute estimated that by 2018 there will be 4 million big data related positions in the U.S. that require quantitative and analytical skills. However, there will be a potential shortfall of 1.5 million data savvy managers and analysts to fill these positions - Source: McKinsey Global Institute

C) Raw Social Data Is So Dirty, It Is Unusable; Social media spam increased 355% in first half of 2013 - Spam is spreading on social networks so much that 1 in 200 social media posts is spam, and 5% of all social media apps are spammy (meaning they promise a potentially useful service and then send spam updates instead). - Source: Mashable Study
The Solution

Machine assisted "discovery" is the solution, as otherwise when there is too much information you can’t search for what you don’t know.

This is not searching for information; a search is what we call the action of knowing what you want and questing until you ultimately find it.

"DISCOVERY" on the other hand, is what happens when the universe (or an organization, or a friend) helps you encounter something you didn't even know you were looking for.


Nexalogy Core Technology

Nexalogy provides a cloud-based discovery engine via SaaS model or API. Its unique selling point is conversation sculpting and clustering algorithms, providing the ability for non data saavy personnel discover new insights and to clean unstructured text.


The technology behind Nexalogy's product is a scalable distributed system that crunches and cleans data from a variety of sources around the web, producing reports and visualizations, so you don't have to read through every tweet, blogpost, and comment. It’s a better, faster way to cut out the noise and get the in-depth insights you need to make crucial decisions.



Sources; Through a growing set of partnerships, Nexalogy ingest social data from dozens of social networks and tens of thousands of discussion forums, blogs and news sites.

Scale; The scale of social data is constantly growing and often spikes during major events or unforeseen developments. The platform behind Nexalogy's products routinely processes millions of social media posts.


Algorithms; Nexalogy’s algorithms identify themes, people, relationships, topics and content, so you can filter out noise and focus on what matters to you.


Visualizations; Nexalogy’s data visualizations are key to the discovery process. You can interact with all social data including posts, topics and influencers via a growing set of dynamic visualizations.


Who would benefit from using Nexalogy? The Nexalogy solution would benefit clientele interested in;


   1) Social media intelligence,


   2) Stakeholder discovery,


   3) Competitive intelligence, and


   4) Risk detection and assessment.




------ ------ ------      ------ ------ ------      ------ ------ ------


2) Graph Blockchain Limited:


Recent Graph Blockchain Limited related news:


• March 20, 2018 "Datametrex AI Joint Venture Graph Blockchain Files Non-Offering Prospectus".


• March 19, 2018 "Datametrex AI Joint Venture Graph Blockchain Signs Contract With Insurance Company".


• February 28, 2018 "Graph Blockchain Continues Expanding Market Penetration".

------ ------ ------      ------ ------ ------      ------- ------- ------


Graph Blockchain Limited is a blockchain development company that provides state of the art bespoke blockchain solutions for corporations and government agencies.


Highlights of technology:


Superior Speed

• Graph Blockchain's technology increased transaction speed by 1,000 (from 7 TPS to 7,000 TPS).
• Is 10,000 times faster at presenting data from the BlockChain to the dashboard.
• Its speed and efficiencies make Graph Blockchain's solution the ideal blockchain platform for real-time transactions ie. Fintech, Banking, Real Estate etc.
Superior Data Management
• Utilizing Graph Blockchain limited's graph data platform, data is presented to dashboards and user interfaces in real-time.
• Graph's team will customize a solution that provides access to data for timely strategic decisions.
• Graph technology allows you to filter the data into transactional data and all the related data. This increases the solution efficiencies.

Advanced Analytics
• Graph Blockchain provides real-time advanced analytics, which allows our solutions generate executable business insights.

• Graph's approach provides access to business insights not available through traditional platforms.


Most existing solutions in the market are not ideal for real time transactions due to their low performance issues, Graph Blockchain offers uncompromising performance thanks to its unique capability of data ingestion.

Figure 6 (above) Representation of Graph Blockcchain solution - GraphBlockChain is the fastest solution for more complex business logic needs. It's speed is what differentiates our solution from conventional solutions. Not all blockchain needs to be decentralized (like cryptocurrencies), Graph Blockchain Limited specializes in building centralized blockchain solutions. There are many businesses that want to ensure they have control of their data through the whole process for whatever reason (e.g. privacy issues) -- this would be so for banks, insurance companies, medical offices, etc. There is not a need for these entities to emphasize decentralized authentication through blockchain of multiple immutable ledgers, rather they are looking for security and validation that comes with a blockchain solution but be keeping it in-house. There could be hybrid solutions though. Right now Graph Blockchain Limited is putting its filtering tools on the front end, so not everything is going on the blockchain, and  thus when a transaction occurs it only puts into that blockchain solution what is mission critical -- it needs to be verified and secured, the rest gets presented directly to the graph. The end result is the Graph Blockchain solution occurring 1000 times faster. Then utilizing Bitnine's core technology, the 'DataGraph', it takes that information and presents it to the portal another 1000 times faster. The time is thus 10,000 times faster overall, as the big data did not need to go through the tabs and try to identify it, which would have otherwise taken a long time and a lot of energy. By expanding it into graph form you are able to go to anywhere you want to go quickly, so we can present that data to the user interface/management dashboard up to 10,000 times faster than you will through traditional methods.


What is the Graph Database or DataGraph?


According to Bitnine (the Company that funded the other 50% of Graph Blockchain Limited and vended in the technology) Graph database is a collection of nodes and edges (relationships). A node represents an entity and an edge represents a relationship between the two nodes. Graph database focuses on the relationship between data. It is essential for managing connected data which deals with the relationships between data.

What is Node?
A unit to express one object within a domain such as a row of RDBMS table or document of Document DB.
What is Edge (Relationship)?
A unit to express the relationship between objects within a domain such as Foreign Key of RDBMS table or linked id of Document DB.
With more than 30 billion IoT devices expected to be in service by 2020(*Gartner), Big data from connected IoT devices has become an urgent concern. Graph DBMS provides fast performance for processing big data by querying the nodes and related edges (relationships) only.




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3) Ronin Blockchain Corp.:




• April 18, 2018 "Datametrex Subsidiary Ronin Blockchain Initial Mining Activity".


• April 10, 2018 "Datametrex Subsidiary Ronin Blockchain Commences Mining in Two Geographies".


• March 23, 2018 "Datametrex Announces Appointment of New CEO for Ronin Blockchain".


• March 12, 2018 "Datametrex Subsidiary Ronin Blockchain Receives First Mining Rig Order".


• February 26, 2018 "Datametrex AI Limited Announces Proposed Private Placement and Public Listing of Ronin".


• February 20, 2018 "Datametrex Subsidiary Ronin Blockchain Places First Mining Rig Order".


• February 14, 2018 "Datametrex Subsidiary Ronin Blockchain Signs Definitive Agreement With Gosun Holdings for Up to 100MW in 2018"



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4) Big Data Analytics:




• March 15, 2018 "Datametrex Provides Update on Shoptalk".


• February 9, 2018 "Datametrex Provides Update on Shoptalk Acquisition".


• January 8, 2018 "Datametrex Announces Binding LOI to Acquire Shoptalk Analytics".



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Datametrex AI Limited - Technical Leadership, Management, and Governance  Skip to top


The current management team and board of directors has a well rounded combination of people that each contribute expertise in disciplines necessary for a successful technology entity:


Andrew Ryu – Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Ryu is a seasoned and experienced entrepreneur and operator in public and private companies. He was a founder and CEO of TLA Inc., president of business development of Archer Group, founder and CEO of Loyalist Group Limited, which was nominated as the top TSXV company in 2013, ranked fourth in 2014, and was the top pick of the street in 2014, CEO of Cozumo Inc., and CEO of Yourtime Financial Services Inc. He was nominated by EY entrepreneur of the year in 2014.


Jeff Stevens – Chief Operating Officer & President

Jeff brings over 18 years of professional experience in the Canadian Capital Markets, largely focusing on raising capital for microcap and small cap companies. He currently sits on the board of two public companies assisting with project selection and financing. He has worked on the Retail, Buy, and Sell sides of the industry, having held positions as Assistant Investment Advisor, Arbitrage Trader, as well as having been the head of two Sales and Trading desks for a US-based investment bank in Toronto. During his tenure Jeff was involved in raising in excess of $500M for public and private companies with a client base including Institutional Money Managers, Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds and Family Offices in Canada, US and Europe.


Michael Frank – Chief Strategy Officer - Datametrex

Michael brings over 30 years of experience in the high technology sector in operations, business development, mergers / acquisitions, and raising funding in the capital markets. As President of Mifran Consulting, he focused on strategic planning and business development for emerging companies. From 2007 to 2011, he was the Chief Executive Officer of  Sprylogics International Corporation., a software company focused on semantic and local search and also served as a consultant until March 2014. Additionally, he was Executive Vice President of Hutchison Avenue Software, one of the first real-time online stock quote platforms,  where he was instrumental in the sale of the company to Intuit Corporation. He also served as Vice President of Business Development at, a Nasdaq-listed  online marketplace for the advertising community. Early in his career, Michael started as a Principal with Woods Gordon (Ernst Young) , where he managed a variety of projects and consulting assignments across key vertical markets.  As Vice President of Strategic Alliances at Medcomsoft Inc., he developed and managed all strategic partnerships to accelerate market penetration in the healthcare industry. Michael has held senior sales/marketing roles at Data General and NCR. Michael is a graduate of McGill University.


Claude Théoret – President - Nexalogy

Claude Théoret, the founder, is a former astrophysicist who specialized in weak signal detection from large, noisy datasets. Nexalogy’s patent is based on his work at CERN (Patent US No. 65/566,715 ). His earlier work on hardware and software product teams at Nortel working on products from ideation to market adoption formed his product philosophy. This combination of technical expertise and business experience has made Claude one of the top 40 rated Founder Institute mentors in the world.


Randy Clifford – Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Clifford has over twenty-five years of corporate management and consulting experience with numerous public and private companies in a wide variety of industries. Mr. Clifford was the Chairman from 1996 to 2006, Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) from 1999 to 2006 and a director from 1996 to 2006 of Cash Canada Group Ltd. During his tenure with Cash Canada he organized the company’s graduation from Tier 2 to Tier 1 issuer status on the TSX Venture Exchange (“TSXV”), and assisted in procuring debenture and bank financing. Mr. Clifford was a director of Firebird Capital Partners Energy Inc. a capital pool corporation (“CPC”) on the TSXV, now Emerald Health Therapeutics Inc. with a market capitalization in excess of $100,000,000. Mr. Clifford was a director and officer of Wise Oakwood Ventures Inc. (“WOW”), a CPC listed on the TSXV. Mr. Clifford spearheaded WOW’s qualifying transaction with Zomedica Pharmaceuticals Corp. in April of 2016, Zomedica is now a Tier 1 listed company on the TSXV with a market capitalization of approximately $250,000,000.


Charles Schade – Director

Charles is a senior level marketing executive in the insights industry, with a proven track record for strategically identifying opportunities and launching new products successfully. He lead, motivated and attracted high performance teams by inspiring staff and committing to ongoing coaching and mentoring. As a founder and former President of NPD Canada, and with over 25 years of sales & servicing background, takes ownership of goals in both company and client. He Embraces industry leadership roles through speaking engagements at industry functions.  


Joshua Gersteinx – Director

Joshua Gerstein has spent the past 6 years as Managing Director of Everfront Capital Corp., a merchant banking and strategic advisory firm, where he has worked on a variety of transactions for both private and public companies. Mr. Gerstein currently serves as Director and CEO of Everfront Ventures Corp., a Capital Pool Company on the TSX Venture Exchange. Prior to setting up Everfront Capital, Mr. Gerstein worked in the investment banking industry from 2003 until 2010. Mr. Gerstein holds a JD (1999) and MBA (1999) from the University of Toronto.


Cory Taylor – Director

Taylor most recently served as the Senior Vice President and Country Manager at Elavon Inc. and is an accomplished Financial Services Executive with over 20 years of experience in the Merchant Card Services and Lending industries. Throughout his decade at Elavon, Taylor built key relationships and developed the strategic plan for their successful market entry into Canada. Elavon is now a leader in the payments industry in Canada, providing services to almost 70,000 Canadian businesses. Prior to Elavon, Taylor held the position of Vice President at Tricor Lease and Finance Inc. and served as the General Manager, Sales & Product for Merchant Mastercard at Canada Trust. Throughout his career, he has worked on many complex projects providing him with experience on all aspects of strategic planning, compliance, and go-to-market analysis.


Andrew Male – Director

Andrew Male is an experienced director and Chief Executive Officer of international public and private investment, mining and oil & gas companies. Presently a Director of two (2) TSX-V Issuers, Maxim Resources Inc. and Africa Hydrocarbons Ltd. and most recently a Director and CEO of Greatbanks Resources Ltd. An Associate of Columbus Energy Partners. Specialising in the financing and joint venture opportunities in the Oil & Gas sector, providing Interim Management, Incubation & Turnaround, Value Creation, Business Derisking, Leadership Mentoring, Strategic Design, Accelerated Deployment, Capitalisation, Active Partnering, Corporate Governance, Sustainable Practice, and Energy Technologies. Mr. Male is also Managing Director of a privately held Corporate Finance & Investment entity. Specialties include: corporate finance, M&A, turnaround and corporate transitional implementation, start-up businesses, private to public markets transition with financing and, TMX Group and London Stock Exchange. As the former CEO of Cancana Resources Corp., a TSX Venture Exchange Top 50 Company, ranked 9, guiding the company through financing initial phases, project acquisitions, deployment of exploration programs, development financing, transitioning greenfield to brownfield of mining assets and acquisition of adjacent producers.


Dwayne Johnson – Advisory Board

Dwayne brings over 19 years of sales and sales leadership to the team. In 17 years with Pitney Bowes, Dwayne held many senior leadership roles which included Director and VP titles in both Canada and USA. Following his career at Pitney Bowes, Dwayne was responsible to build and guide a company called Sameday Worldwide, where he was the AVP sales, for the company in North America. Today, Dwayne works for SCI Group, responsible for Omni-Channel Retail solutions, responsible for strategy and go to market. Dwayne’s passion and success in sales leadership will help shape the future of the go to market strategy and sales coverage for Datametrex. As a senior sales leader, Dwayne is an active member in associations including RILA, NAMMU, RCC, Etail etc.


Adam Somers – Advisory Board

Adam Somers is the President of Anderson Somers Johnston Search Group Inc. Combining knowledge, integrity and expertise gained over the past 17 years in the Canadian marketplace, Adam Somers provides a professional service level that is unparalleled in Executive Search. Drawing upon his extensive industry experience as well as his financial services background with CIBC Wood Gundy, Adam consistently exceeds the expectations of both clients and candidates by successfully utilizing leading edge technologies, marketing strategies, and negotiating skills to expertly fill roles. Simply put, Adam has refined the art of human resource capital management and brings with him a breadth of knowledge that can help companies across Canada to hire and retain the best talent for their organizations. Recruiting is in Adam’s DNA and shows through in his passion, work ethic, and high energy commitment to always providing the results needed by all involved parties.


Spiros Margaris – Advisory Board

Spiros Margaris has more than 20 years of national and international experience in investment management/research for family offices, UHNWIs, HNWIs, institutional clients and innovation and technology management. He is ranked the No. 1 global FinTech influencer and the No. 2 InsurTech influencer by Onalytica. He regularly appears in the top three positions of established global industry influencer rankings. He is also ranked worldwide the No. 11 AI influencer by Jay Palter Social Advisory and the No. 10 blockchain influencer by Right Relevance. He is a speaker at international FinTech and InsurTech conferences, and he publishes articles on his innovation proposals and thought leadership. He published an AI white paper, “Machine learning in financial services: Changing the rules of the game,” for the enterprise software vendor SAP. He is a senior advisor at Datametrex AI, Glance Technologies, , and at F10 Fintech Incubator and Accelerator.


David Klein – Advisory Board

Dr. David Klein, MD, MBA, is a physician, researcher, healthcare entrepreneur, and corporate advisor. Dr. Klein trained in medicine at the University of Toronto and maintains an active practice in critical care medicine at St. Michael’s Hospital. In addition, he completed an MBA at the Kellogg school of business through Northwestern University. Dr. Klein is a former management consultant at McKinsey & Company where he advised companies in healthcare, financial services, and other industries. Since leaving consulting Dr. Klein has advised government, small and large healthcare companies, technology startups and investment funds. He is the CEO partner for Canadian Healthcare investments for Imperial Capital (Toronto, Canada) and has served on several board of directors including AIM Healthcare and STI technologies Inc. He also is a senior advisor to the Biomedical Zone – a partnership between Ryerson University and St. Michael’s Hospital to incubate, develop and commercialize health technology companies in Canada and abroad.




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Company's web site:   SEDAR Filings: URL



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